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Attention: Lawyers, Accountants and Professional Services Companies...

Eliminate Your Exposure to Data Breach Prosecutions, Hackers & Cyber Criminals

 Privacy Policy: Your Information is 100% Secure

Eton College has rigorous privacy, security, and online safety policies. We asked for, and had implemented, the leading technology to enable Eton to provide uniform protection across our network and cloud deployments for all our pupils to protect them from online harm, including cyber bullying, pornography, and the risk of radicalisation.

John Sainthouse

Head of Information Technology, Eton 

Can You Imagine

What It's Like To Be Hacked

Can you imagine what it's like to be a Lawyer, an Accountant or a Professional Services company when you're hacked. Your normal world changes radically to one where you're forced to confront the sobering realities of what it feels like to be a victim of Cybercrime.

You're thrown into a crisis situation, firefighting for survival. Clients walk out the door with their revenue, as their trust in you is shattered. Data breach lawyers persistently threaten millions of pounds in data-loss claims while GDPR looms with fines of 4% of turnover or €20 million, whichever is higher. 

You're forced to pay for a forensic examination of what happened and learn how much data was stolen. The more that's stolen the higher and higher the judgments become, £5,000 to £10,000 per person is normal. If you lose businesses data however, well that can cost millions as they will most likely sue. And to top it off you have to publicly disclose it all to the ICO.

Competitors leverage the news to lure your customers away promoting the attack to all who'll listen. And desperate calls to insurers confirms your fears, that data breach losses are not covered.

Helpless to retaliate against a hacker you cannot see and labelled as Guilty of Losing Client Data, instead of the victim.

This is Why We

Created the HALT Framework. 

To put an end to the financial exposure. HALT is an acronym for, Harden, Automate, Limit & Train, and is a Technological and Psychological solution to the ever-growing threat of Cybercrime and Insider Theft. Designed to mitigate the Financial Exposure to Data Loss Prosecution while protecting your Business, your Reputation and your Credibility, as well as getting your Bank, your Insurance Company and your Professional body to support you with money, insurance pay-outs and help even if you do get attacked.

Some of our clients are: Imperial College NHS Trust, King's College NHS Trust, Clifford Chance LLP, Allen & Overy LLP, Ashurst LLP, Dentons SNR (now Dentons), Pinsent Masons LLP, Olswangs LLP (now CMS), UTB Bank, Citygroup, Diamond Bank, Eton College, Eltham College, Colfe’s School, City of Copenhagen, Brent County Council, Monsoon, Accessorize, Urban Outfitters, Beaverbrooks & NPower.

The Four Pillars of a Solid Cyber Defence

Because people make mistakes and are easily tricked, fooled or manipulated, technology alone is not enough to defend yourself. There are four required parts to a solid Cyber Security defence, Hardening, Automation, Limiting and Training. Partly a technological solution and partly a psychological solution. 


Hardening your vulnerable computers, servers and networks blocks the majority of cyber threats before they can begin.


Removes the time consuming dreary tasks while eliminating human error, leaving your staff to focus on their jobs instead.


By limiting how your staff use and store data, you can minimise the impact and scale of any legal prosecution.


When your staff feel what it's like to be conned their behaviour automatically changes to become your front line of defence.

What The Professional Law Firms Say...

Stuart Walters

CIO, Olswang

I felt that as Lawyers, we would be a huge target for cybercrime, so I wanted the best technology available, which we got. 

I know with confidence that we're secure and can share what I learn with the Board of Directors with clarity.

I Highly recommended them, true experts.

Nathan Taylor

Technical Services Team

With changes in 'Know Your Client' and 'Anti Money Laundering' laws we needed a system which could securely store our client data. 
The automated system resolved all of the issues with our manual processes, has made us feel confident that we are compliant with current legislation and is capable of supporting our growth plans. 

Rudy Calliste

DM Administrator

We were constantly being challenged by our partnership to provide the best possible service to staff and clients and they demanded a system to reach those standards. The system installed secured our sensitive data, enabled us to grow with our clients and convinced the partnership that we were compliant with laws and regulations. Mission accomplished!!

What The Professional Educators Say...

Eton has rigorous privacy, security, and online safety policies. We asked for the leading technology, which we got, to enable Eton to provide uniform protection across network and cloud deployments for all pupils from online harm including cyber bullying, pornography, and the risk of radicalisation. A wanted a valued partner that supports Eton mission to provide a broad-based education that enables all boys to discover their strengths and make the most of their talents within Eton and beyond.

John Sainthouse

Head of Information Technology

We only work with companies that enable us to surpass our legal and compliance requirements, something they have done time and time again. They’re fingers on the pulse and we trust their recommendations will enable us to continue to provide advanced security to our users. 

They make our lives easier and will do the same for you when you hire them!

Nick Donoghue

Managing Director

We work with some of the most vulnerable groups in the country and as their internet usage has increased so have the safeguarding requirements (PREVENT Agenda, external Safeguarding etc). They have enabled us to provide a highly secure platform that significantly improves the services we provide at the same cost. They are leaders in their market, and I would not hesitate to recommend working with them again.

Roy Jorgensen

Director of Operations

What The Cyber Security Professionals Say...

HALT is a new approach to the cyber security problem. One I have never seen before. 

Well done!!!

Paolo Frizzi


During my time in cyber security, I have seen many strategies to solving the problems in our industry, some better than others. HALT is a truly unique approach to the age old problem of security. HALT makes sense!!

Edward DeWolfe

Vice President Global Channel and Alliances

I’ve never thought about approaching cyber security in this way. HALT is proof they understand the real problems faced by customers and have delivered the solution to solve them. Great work!!

Waleed Agabani

Systems Analyst

Having visited customers all over the world I have been able to get a firm grasp of their requirements. After reviewing HALT, it soon became clear that there is a huge demand in the market for a solution like HALT.

Orlando Carugo

Senior Partner Manager

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